Groups & Ministries: Church Committees

Advancement Committee

The mission of the Advancement Committee is to recognize the strengths of Saint Matthias, develop varied means to reach out to the people whom we can best serve in order to grow and increase the diversity of our membership, and explore communication methodologies to expand the richness of the Saint Matthias experience for different demographics within our congregation. The 2017 Advancement Committee members are Bill Garrison, Charles Carrillo, Gigi Maidlow, John Maidlow, Mary Carrillo, and Tom Booth.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee comprises an important group of people who review the continuing financial condition of the parish and The Soup Hour, and work with the treasurer and the vestry to guide the church in sound financial practice. In recent months, the Finance Committee has been working diligently to make the financial statements more easily understood, and has set as a goal making it possible for every interested parishioner able to comprehend (and comment!) upon them. Complete understandability and transparency is the committee’s ultimate goal. The 2017 Finance Committee members are Bill Garrison, Parish Administrator Dottie Andersen, Senior Warden Stan Jamieson, Jeff Bassette, Kathel Harris, Ellen Mykkanen, and Glenn Dodd.

Futures Committee

The Futures Committee was formed to oversee an endowment fund called “Funds For the Future.” The committee meets quarterly to review the production of the fund, strategize ways to grow the fund further, and develop ways to fully educate the congregation on its purpose so that members can make sound decisions regarding contributions. Funds for the Future is an endowment being built primarily through legacies and memorials; its major purpose is to support ministries and major capital needs of Saint Matthias. The fund will never be used for general operating expenses. Similarly, the Futures Committee is regulated by very strict resolutions and bylaws, and is restricted from independently making distributions from the fund (the final say in making distributions is made by the Saint Matthias Vestry). The 2017 Futures Committee members are ...

Sanctuary Committee

The Sanctuary Committee was formed in 2012 to examine ways to improve the interior design of the sanctuary in order to make it a more welcoming space for visitors as well as parishioners. At its inception the Sanctuary Committee formulated a long list of items, many of which have been accomplished since then. The 2017 Sanctuary Committee members are ...